Pan pizza

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When it comes to pan pizza, probably the best known is the Roman Pan Pizza. In Rome this is sold thin and crusty for the traditional, called also “Scrocchiarella” as it makes cracks sound when you bite it. It can be higher for the modern or gourmet versions. The best tray’s material for cooking it is called Blue Iron but if you don’t have you can use any tray with oil or also with baking paper.


70% Hydration
2.4% Salt
3% Oil

Plain flour for fast procedure (3-4 hours)
Pizza or Bread flour for longer fermentations

Tip: you can make a blend adding 10% of durum or wholemeal flour to enrich the taste

Procedure Variant 1 (at least 3 hours RT):

  • Kneading
  • Folds (if needed)
  • Puntata in an oiled container with lid until it doubles in size
  • Staglio
  • Appretto in an oiled containers with lid until it doubles in size

Cooking in a static home oven at 250 degrees with only the tomato sauce putting the tray on the bottom of the oven for about 6 minutes and then with the half-height gride for about 6 minutes. Add the mozzarella and complete cooking in 2-3 minutes (the time to melt the mozzarella).
Remove from the tray and leave to dry for a few minutes in a gride.

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