I officially welcome you to this website, the result of my studies for one of my greatest passions: leavened products.

I am an IT person and for me a recipe is an Algorithm that uses specific Equations, Proportions and Mathematical Formulas. They are applied to obtain the same result.

I know that many may think they have an innate intuition or can do everything “by eye” but I want to point out right away that professionals and companies weigh everything meticulously.

The main purpose of the site is to share and disseminate my knowledge via the Internet.


At the bottom of every page you will find a section for comments.

To receive comments and criticisms helps me to improve and expand my knowledge so that the contents of the site will benefit.

As the owner and administrator of the site, it is up to me to moderate the comments. Whether it is clear, offensive or irrelevant comments will be deleted immediately and without hesitation.

Every comment is welcome.

The logo

Let’s analyze the site logo together, this shows three sequential processes, on the left we start from a Recipe containing the theory and here represented by the image of a book, and then go through a Calculator to get to the creation of the final product, in this case a Pizza. This simple image embodies the idea behind the site.

The logo of the website  BakingWithTheory.com in the Welcome page
website Logo

Organization of contents

The site contains several sections, I invite you to read the section Theory.

The recipes are divided into categories: Pizza, Bread and Savories, Sweets.

Each recipe contains a description, the theory, the procedure, some variations and a link that leads to calculators that already have filled all the parameters from the theory. All that remains is to fill in a few fields such as the room temperature (RT), I cannot know the temperature you have at home, the number of pieces or total weight of the dough and the type of yeast. The rest of the calculations are done by the calculator.

Note that all fields in the calculator can be changed so that you can experience the different results for yourself.

Finally there is the section of Calculators that I hope you will find useful, I remind everyone that the computer facilitates the work of man, the formulas used are described in the theory section.

Are you a “homepizzamaker” too? This site is just for you. You will learn the correct terminology, the theoretical basics and you will be able to prepare recipes directly at home with the tools you have or find useful advice on tools, utensils and accessories.

Have a good surf and bon appetit!

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